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bio student. i like a lot of things.
this god, this prince, this brat, and this dumb fuck cause me great pain on a daily basis. also i make stuff occasionally.
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i’m just going to be making a list of the things i want to start/keep doing to get my body where i want it to be (where i’ve been wanting it to be for years orz). this was brought on mainly by the fact that i managed to gain about 7 pounds in the last month for reasons including but not limited to stress and that i was pretty sick for a while (lol most people lose weight when they’re sick but my mom makes me eat eat eat when i’m ill so this happened).

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I’ve actually decided to use this app called TwoGrand to keep track of my food photos instead of instagram, and save ig for particularly nice eats.

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in the name of


Finger me in the name of cardiology.

that works too

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